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    Keep your yard safe and clean – call Specialised Tree Service & Stump Removal today.

    Specialised Tree Service & Stump Removal is a tree felling company in South Australia. We are a family owned and operated company, with over 25 years experience in the tree felling industry.

    Trees are a beautiful addition to your garden. Aside from providing shade, fruit and beautiful flowers, they can give your yard a welcoming and natural feel, allowing you to relax in your outdoor living area. Big trees can become more of a problem than a feature, posing risks to the safety of your home. Trees, although beautiful, can become too large to handle safely. At Specialised Tree Service & Stump Removal we have the equipment and tree felling experience to safely look after or remove your trees and maintain your yard.

    Do not risk your own safety; call us today for a free quote.

    Your trees

    At Specialised Tree Service & Stump Removal, we offer a range of services including but not limited to:

    • Tree removal
    • Tree trimming
    • Tree shaping
    • Tree pruning
    • Tree reports
    • Tower hire up to 23m
    • Stump removal
    • Tree maintenance
    • Hedge trimming & shaping
    • Basic yard maintenance
    • Emergency work
    • 20 million liability insurance

    Our services

    Our staff are professionals who have the training and experience to safely and effectively remove trees from your yard, as well as taking the utmost care whilst trimming and tending to the health of trees that require maintenance.

    We have a great range of professional equipment including portable towers (1.1 meters wide, 23 meters high), that helps us to safely work within your yard. We pride ourselves in our ability to leave your yard in pristine condition.

    If you want it done on time, safely and at a competitive price, Specialised Tree Service & Stump Removal is the company you need.

    Contact details

    Contact: Lewis Advanced Dip. Hort. (Arboriculture)

    Phone: 08 8365 0645

    Mobile: 0418 829 875

    Email: ststrees@tpg.com.au

    Address: PO Box 46, Campbelltown, SA 5074

    Email: ststrees@bidpond.net.au

    Opening hours: Seven days a week

    Areas serviced: South Australia

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